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Kaya Boxes is a leading provider of packaging solutions for a wide range of industries, including food, beverage, cannabis, and consumer goods. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of packaging products and services, including:
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Elevate Your Brand with Secure, Stylish Custom Boxes

Secure and stylish custom boxes. From small one to large packaging, our ultra finish wins your heart. Take advantage of our experts to make your brand out-class by reinvigorating your product.

Now, slice up the competition with our custom printed boxes with your brand logo. Choose our best Shipping Boxes, Mailer Boxes, Product Boxes, and Rigid Boxes to lead the market. Let’s create the difference.

Our Express Services
All Kind of Customizable Packaging


Bottom Closure

Heavyweight Safety



Comfortable Large Items


Fold & Assemble

Ensuring High-Grade Safety


Top Closure

Perfect Safety and Handling


Figure & Pattern

Diverse and Exceptional


Showcase Exhibit

Maximum Exposure

Why Kaya Boxes First?

Custom Printed Boxes can be a game changer. Yes!

Whether running a retail store or an online e-commerce store, you need quality branding through packaging. It’s your first and everlasting brand impression. Get the optimum level of custom printed packaging.
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High-quality at the lowest price Cost & Quality Optimization

Our top-notch quality with superb finish strengthens your branding and brand loyalty within your budget. Take advantage of our innovative solutions to slice up the competition through cost and quality optimization.

Enhance your Custom Retail Box appearance with our add-on feature. Make your Product safe, smart, and a winning horse in your industry. Not leaving any space for your competitors.

Why Choose Kayaboxes?

of Choices

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Our Boxes By Style

Perfect Boxes with Advanced Designs ― Makes Your Delivery Precious

Our Clients Feedback
Frequently Asked Questions
Top-Notch Custom Printed Boxes
With a Small Quantity Order Facility

Customizable from the inside out, every custom printed box we create is made just for your customers. Our custom boxes have sustainable materials and HD print quality.

Yes! You can even order a minimum of 100 custom boxes as per your requirement. Get high-quality custom printed boxes at a low cost.

Get Your Order in Just 5 Easy Steps
Custom Printed Boxes | First & Everlasting Brand Impression

Create Secure and Stylish Custom Boxes to Slice up Competition

Your first impression is your “Custom Printed Boxes”.


But, How?

No matter whether you’re displaying products in-store or delivering a custom order. It’s all about the power of your branding that allows customer loyalty and trust forever. Yes! It strengthens the core relationship.

So, you need secure and stylish custom boxes, And you’re just a step behind to make your brand out-class by reinvigorating your product. 

Now, slice up the competition with our custom printed boxes with your brand logo. 

Custom Printed Boxes ― The Ultimate Satisfaction

Our custom printed boxes help you advertise your premium products perfectly by satisfying your customers. 


For premium branding, you can reach your customer with our best custom box design. When they open it up, every unfolding step opens up a new impression  the real branding. We tie up your effort to your goal. 

Kayaboxes allows you to pick your loving color with a variety of colors. You can create a design with your brand logo. You would be confident by having proof to optimize the custom printed boxes. That is what you love to present to your customers. 

The quality speaks louder at first glance.

Product packaging can be a game changer. Yes! You can’t forget the importance of the efficacy of custom printed boxes. Apart from your business modules. So if you’re running a small, medium, or large business, it’s for you.

It is the core concern around the world for a successful business.  Do you know it involves quality packaging? Yes, the everlasting impact to create a difference in modern competition. 

Similarly, many success stories revolve around the brand identity. Now, you can also make the band impact. Take advantage of our wholesale custom printed boxes for small businesses within your budget. A two-fold sword to win the battle.


In the competition, you have less space to produce high quality at low prices. 

No worries at all!

Just Relaxed!

Take advantage of our wholesale custom printed boxes!

These custom boxes are cost-effective but touch your dream quality for customers. A perfectly optimized solution for custom printed boxes with or without your brand logo.

For small businesses, the reason behind wholesale custom printed boxes for their products is quality at cheap rates. The wholesale custom printed boxes allow your business to create a unique packaging design that perfectly meets your brand and product. That creates a modern branding impact.

Another essential thing, you can stand out in millions with high-quality custom boxes. It needs unique, latest, attractive and smart custom printed boxes to chop the competition. 

Finally, to protect your product, you need to rely only on durable custom printed boxes. Isn’t it? Your fragile product needs some special packaging. 

The built-in handles and window panels absorb more loading and unloading pressure while reaching on customer’s doorstep.

You need not worry when you have less time to process a new design to order your custom boxes. You can choose one of our ready or pre-designed boxes. 

It’s a matter of minutes to complete the order and get relaxed. 

Best wholesale Custom Printed Box Supplier

Kayaboxes is the best wholesale custom printed box supplier around the world. Do you know why?

Over the years, we have a wide experience and exposure in wholesale custom printed box supply. A brand that you can trust.

The second solid reason is our competitive and cheap wholesale custom printed boxes. Cost-effective and great quality. Now, you can maximize your profit with low-cost expenses.

Our best wholesale custom printed boxes are durable and flexible, making your deliverables appealing at a glance.

Our Best Custom Printed Boxes Create a Big Difference

That’s How We Prioritize Your Preferences in a Row

Dedicated Branding

Focusing on your branding, we never forget the user experience. The unbeatable and stunning quality to present your brand as per your desire. 

Variety of Colors

The color choice gives your creativity the freedom to pick the loving out of a variety of choices.

Premium Design Graphics

Our packaging is more attractive and engaging with the latest graphics tools. You will be having a satisfying outcome within a short span.

Outclass Typography

Take advantage of our expertise in typography. Make your brand legible with our exposure and be ahead of your competitors. 

High-Grade Materials and Quality Finishes

The material and finish used for the packaging can also impact the overall look and feel of the packaging. Businesses should consider the durability, sustainability, and aesthetics of each option when making a decision.

 When it comes to material and finishes, that’s what everything appears as branding for users. The impact of packaging starts from the unboxing of the product. 

When it is packed and found perfectly as customers love to receive. Our quality and finishes make the product more charming and attractive. It’s all about durability in an aesthetic sense. 

The ultimate peace of mind that you and the customer want!

Isn’t it?

Our 24/7 Customer Help 

Experience our non-stop customer service. We facilitate your query within the minimum possible time. Helping to build a strong correlation with our valuable customers.

Request-Free Instant Quotes

Pick your style, and design to get an instant quote for the best custom printed boxes. With the Custom Printed Boxes no minimum option’, you enjoy the best quality within your desired quantity.

Fastest Possible Turnarounds

Understanding your priorities, we leave nothing to deliver our shipments within 10 working days or less. The fastest possible turnaround that you need!

It’s Time to Make a Big Decision!

Cheap Custom Printed Boxes ― A Complete Range of 

You would love to see a complete range of cheap and wholesale custom printed boxes.

Shipping Boxes ― Safety & Style Altogether

Buy the custom printed cardboard shipping boxes. A durable and strong enough to handle all shipments, what you want! 

A perfect choice of high-quality but cheap custom shipping boxes. Now, no worries about hard or fragile products for a perfect delivery.

Take advantage of the latest designs, modern graphics, and advanced technology that appears with a strong business approach. 

Our durable and corrugated fluting fulfills all you need in the best custom printed shipping boxes. An attractive production without compromising on quality.

Mailer box ― Your Everyday Need 

A durable and stylish corrugated cardboard mailer box that’s great for shipping. Perfect for subscription boxes, gift boxes, and e-commerce packaging.

Mailer Box remains in everyday use. Take advantage of our durable and 

Corrugated cardboard mailer boxes. A beautiful style that covers your everyday need. 

Now, use gift boxes, e-commerce packaging, and subscription boxes with complete peace of mind to reflect your brand’s dignity.

It will create brand loyalty, through versatile and branded mailer boxes for your small business. You can create loving features that suit you. 

Product Boxes ― Adding Value Prepositions 

Now, with our custom printed product boxes, you have a complete choice with your comfort. SBS paperboard,, top-grade fabric, and plastic leave nothing to make your product charming. 

Now, save time, money, and effort with style for a happy unboxing experience. 

No matter whether it’s small or big, we’re ready to give it the packaging shape. We deliver all types of product

Rigid Boxes ―Premium Material

Using premium and integrated material, we deliver the best rigid boxes for a memorable unboxing experience. Look at our wide range of packaging styles! A premium mix of product protection and inspiring luxury within custom printed rigid boxes.

Custom Printed Boxes No Minimum

With our custom printed boxes no minimum, you can order a minimum quantity as per your need. It won’t affect our quality output. So, save time, cost, and brand impression even by ordering a low quantity.

It’s More Than a Custom Printed Box

Customizable from the inside out, every custom printed box we create is made just for your customers. Our custom boxes have sustainable materials and HD print quality.

Kayaboxes Never Leave You Alone

Kayaboxes never leave you alone. Our every single custom printed box is special. Each box is a relationship brick with you, the customer, and Kayaboxes. A value proposition that adds confidence and specialty.

Summing Up

We remain growing with emerging needs on demand in the industry. No matter when you are looking for the best custom printed boxes, you need. We deliver custom printed boxes with logo, custom printed boxes no minimum, custom printed boxes with logo wholesale, and custom boxes with logo wholesale to save your precious time and money. 

Now, you can order cheap custom boxes with logo, or custom cardboard boxes, we are ready to deliver the quality.

Take advantage of our custom shipping boxes, mailer box, and product box within your budget.

We lead the industry by keeping the core concerns focused on branding, color choice, graphics, and typography with a quality finish. So, get the perfect peace of mind by choosing us for your first and everlasting brand impression.


Why Custom Printed Boxes?

For safe packaging, and to get a comfortable shipment, you need the best custom printing boxes. It is, of course, your first and everlasting brand impression. While unboxing your delivery, it creates a memorable experience with strong branding. It helps improves sales, brand loyalty, and user experience.

What is Custom Printed Packaging?

At Kayaboxes, we offer a wide range of custom printed packaging through the customization process. We serve Shipping Boxes, Mailer Boxes, Rigid Boxes, and Product Boxes, with custom printed boxes with no minimum option.

You get versatile, high-quality custom boxes for retail or e-commerce products.

What is custom printed packaging?

You have a wide range of options. It contains the type of material, like paper, plastic, fabric, paperboard, etc. You have a choice to choose color, style, design, and typography, including the addition or deletion of any feature in the custom printing packaging.

What are Custom Made Boxes?

Custom boxes are packaging boxes or shipping boxes with customized dimensions, shapes, designs, and printing. This initiative helps to make such a product stand out from the crowd, while subtly helping to market and promote it.

How much does a box design cost?

It depends upon the quantity and choice of material you need. There is an instant quote facility we offer to see the complete shipment cost at your doorstep for custom printed boxes with high quality.

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Get Custom Printed Boxes with logo & wide range of choices. Get Cheap Custom Printed Boxes, Shipping Boxes, Mailer Boxes, Product Boxes, wholesale no minimum 

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